Parish Council

The Parish Council is group of parishioners who have agreed to represent us as a cross-section of our community leading us toward our Parish goals in line with our vision statement.

There are three parts to this group:

  • Members of the Pastoral team include the Pastor.
  • The Commission Chairpersons include Worship, Education, Christian Service and Administration along with a senior and youth representative.
  • Members at large, all of whom serve a three-year term.

All are welcome to serve: the only requirement being that you are a registered parishioner over the age of 18.  Membership is by lottery selected each year.  Officers of the Council, President, Vice-President and Secretary are elected by the council at large.

The Parish Council meets monthly, September through June, on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.  The Finance Commission meets September through June, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm.

St. Mary


Larry Chludzinski – President
Karen Maynard– Vice-President
Chris Burke – Secretary 


Commission Chairs

Keith Hughes – Finance
Mike Ciarelli – Faith Formation
Jerri Somervell – Christian Service
TBD – Worship 


Members at Large


Jackie Bagley
Chris Burke
Larry Chludzinski
Geno Jannette
Ron Kathrein
Linda Mallon
Karen Maynard
Pat Plemmons
Doug Sordyl



Staff Members


Fr. Tomy Kattikanayil – Pastor / Administrator